Marsfjället vid Kultsjön 1946, 1946
Asger Jorn
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Signed and dated

Oil on panel 65 x 81

The painting is registered in the archives of Museum Jorn.

In the summer of 1946, Asger and Emma Jorn stayed in Saxnäs in the inland of Västerbotten.
Renowned international and Danish artists eg. Asger Jorn, Else Alfelt and Carl-Henning Pedersen, all stayed in Saxnäs in the mid-40s for various occasions. Asger Jorn became close friends with the family Ricklunds and he painted several paintings during his stay, some remained with Ricklunds, others he sold or gave away. When leaving Saxnäs in the summer of 1946, Jorn he had to pay the merchant Axel Öhrnberg for his purchases he had made on credit. Ofcourse with nearly no money, Jorn offered one of his paintings as payment for the food and wine. But the merchant Öhrnberg did not like Jorn's almost abstract paintings. Instead he asked him to paint Marsfjället on the other side of Lake Kultsjön. There he had his summer cottage, which is still owned by the family today.
Jorn agreed and he painted the view with a cascade of streaks in light pastel colors. They was very unusual of Jorn, but it shows his many skills as a painter. 
The painting remained in the family since 1946, until today.

Artist / Designer
Asger Jorn
Price on request
Oli on panel

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