6 armchairs, 1970´s
Bjørn Wiinblad & Britta Drewsen
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A set of 6 black painted armchairs with black leather seat

In 1934 the Swedish artist Brita Drewsen (1887-1983) started a spinning mill and weaving mill in ”The Blue Factory” together with weaver Gudrun Clemens. They produced rugs, furnishing fabrics, and furnishing which was bought by discerning customers. In 1965 Brita Drewsen moved the factory to Glostrup.

Brita Drewsen's private home was in ”The Blue Factory”, but alongside she built a small ”fairy-tale house” as it was called in several home feature stories. The house was 110 square metres and filled with her own furniture design. When Wiinblad took over the house he decorated it with his own design, everything from wallpaper to curtains, bedclothes and furniture.

In 1966 Bjorn Wiinblad took over ”The Blue House" which was his base till he passed away in 2006. During the first years Brita Drewsen stayed in her small house situated at one end of the large site. Bjorn Wiinblad and Brita Drewsen arranged several garden exhibitions jointly consisting of their own design, both arts and crafts plus furniture

Artist / Designer
Bjørn Wiinblad & Britta Drewsen
DKK 30.000 / EURO 4.000
Wood and leather
Very good

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