Forever Yours

Mari Keto

Forever Yours by Mari Keto

Opening September 13th. at 4 p.m.


"Nothing is forever they say. But I guess by now, we know that it´s not true.

Somethings and someone are here to stay, forever and even beyond that!"


With this exhibition, Mari Keto reminds us of some of the people, who were part of our bringing up. Who had some kind of impact on us or just made everyday a little lighter and more fun. She is full of admiration and it is shown in her works.

Forever Yours can be seen until the 28th. of September 2019. 


About Mari Keto

Combining jewellery materials in her installations and portraits Mari Keto (b. 1975, lives and works in Copenhagen) explores the limits of artifacts. In Keto’s works both the conceptual underpinning and a high degree of craftsmanship merge into an artwork. Keto’s work is strongly research-based. She engages with her subject matter from various perspectives in order to define her own. Deriving from cultural histories and pop culture her work examines the distinctions between value and consumption. Keto’s multilayered works contain intemperate realism mixed with humor and irony.

Keto’s works are composed of diamonds, crystals, pearls and other jewellery material as she is intrigued by the fine line between sustainability and perishableness. She selects the crafting technique, varying from tanning of leather to blacksmithing iron, boiling earth paint to casting gold, cutting stones to etching metals, depending on the essence of the work.

Mari Keto graduated from Copenhagen’s Institute for precious metals in 2008. She has also a degree as an art blacksmith speciality in forging Pirkanmaa vocational institute. Keto’s works are widely exhibited and internationally awarded.