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On November 8th., 1948, Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Christian Dotremont, Asger Jorn, and Joseph Noiret met at Café Notre-Dame in Paris. The same day, the CoBrA movement was formed (1948-1951), and today it is considered one of the most influential post-war art movements.

The name CoBrA is from the initials of the members' home cities: Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. They were inspired by primitive art forms, children drawings and from the work of Paul Klee and Joan Miró. Their work was both experimental, rich in fantasy and colorful. Experimenting with materials, working methods and forms of expression were all fundamental to their work.

Later several artists join the group, Pierre Alechinsky, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Henry Heerup, Else Alfelt, Egill Jacobsen and many more, which are represented with works at our exhibition, "CoBrA 70 years".



Concrete art is an art form with a strong emphasis on geometrical abstraction. A manifesto "Art Concrete" was formulated by the Dutch artist Theo Van Doesburg in 1930 to define the difference between his vision of art and that of other abstract artists of the time. In 1931 Max Bill took the art form further and defined concrete art as a form to display abstract thoughts in a sensibel and tangible form. The art form was taken up widely after World War 2 and Paris became the main center of concrete art.

The concrete art in Denmark unfolded around the association Line II in 1947. Among the direction's prominent Danish artists are Richard Mortensen, Richard Mortensen, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, Robert Jacobsen, Albert Mertz, Richard Winther, Ib Geertsen, Poul Gadegaard and Knud Nielsen.

In 1950, under the exhibition title Clear Form in the Free Exhibition Building, Line II held the largest exhibition of Concrete art in Denmark to date. Line II exhibited a total of eight times before it was dissolved in 1952. As an extension of Line II, two more exhibitions were held in 1956 and 1958. New concrete artists were added, among others. Ole Schwalbe, Jørn Larsen and Mogens Lohmann.

Today, new and exciting Danish artist’s such as Per Sax Moeller, Mette Winckelmann and Malene Landgreen, have emerged to the scene of Art Concrete with playfull ways of working with color and geometrics.